Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unce unce unce unce

Hands up, is now officially one of my favorite genres of music!
I was raised on happy hardcore and hands up is right up next to it with my top genres.

The worst part was that i only found this recently, i was invited to a somewhat underground rave and it was pretty damn fun. The low amount of people that showed up pissed me off, they even had people like Dj Quack Quack who performed at Kandy Fest,he's from Utah and this was in Texas...
A friend and I had a conversation with him, he's a pretty fucking chill dude. He always looks excited on stage and dances with the music, one of my fave shows by far.

Dj Quack Quack


  1. Not my kind of music, but I'm glad you found it for yourself :P

  2. kylie minogue is ridic hot
    anyway, supportin, just found this blog

  3. Awesome, supporting!